Ideas don't have to be out of reach.

DX Web will take your challenges—where other developers will offer you out-of-the-box solutions, our developers will start from scratch to create a solution that fills all of your needs. Before our development customers find us, they spend on average 100 hours searching for an out-of-the box solution that will fit their needs. Often the result is they have a set of core features and almost "settle" for what they find. This often leads to disappointment and multiple inefficiencies within their organization.

Our developers are problem solvers. They listen to your needs and work to understand your problems as well as your aspirations. Our developers are local to Gainesville, Florida—we don't outsource. Our clients appreciate our hands-on, customizable approach to design and you will too.

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Technical Planning

A lot of planning goes into every project we do. We do extensive usability planning, testing, and re-iterations. We revise our designs to optimize user experience. 

After your project goes live, we leverage the data your website or app creates to fine tune the design and look for opportunities for growth. These metrics enable us to make informed design changes that are reflected in increased conversions. 

Content Management Systems

Manage your content, not your CMS.

When we develop a custom website or web application, we design all of the visual content management tools to manage your content. This eliminates the hunt for plugins or modules. Our customized content management tools make content management intuitive, so that you don't need to attend seminars in order to manage your content. Now that's efficient! 

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Custom Web Development

Our custom web development projects are all built on our "Made in the USA" stable framework, coded to the highest standards, and flexible enough to grow.

We see websites and web applications as almost living. Needs change. People change. Technology changes. Because of this, we developed a robust PHP framework that is flexible enough to change with our clients needs. 

This framework also allows us to quickly develop complex web applications. Clients are able to test a working application shortly after we start the project, enabling us to integrate feedback earlier in the process. 


Setting up a secure shopping experience is not enough. 

Our framework handles online stores with more than 2 million products. We are confident that we can enhance your e-commerce website.

We apply the same user-experience and content strategy tactics to e-commerce, which allows customers to easily find and select products, input information securely, and progress through the buying process.