Our Process

Creating a great user experience for an ecommerce website requires research, testing, and refining. 

Before we begin a design, we start by talking to your team and your customers. We identify your target markets and learn what matters to them. We find out what they like and what will most likely make them choose you over your competitors. 

Then we map out user journeys, to make sure your customers can move through the conversion funnel easily. After we have the substance down, we start designing—making sure that the style has a purpose. 

Throughout the entire web design process, we research, test, and revise until we end up with a design that drives conversions.


AltiSuite is engineered and developed from over 16 years of experience with website design, ecommerce, and ERP integrations. Every feature is purposefully created with automation and marketing in mind. As we innovate new ideas, or our clients have needs, we continue to add to the AltiSuite platform. 

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