Enterprise Omni-Channel Ecommerce

We've worked with heavydutystore.com for 10 years and have kept them up-to-date for the last decade with all the latest trends and technology.The website is fast and mobile-friendly with an easy one-step checkout process. Instant search returns relevant results the moment the customer starts typing, and significant customizations over the years have streamlined business-processes and save countless man-hours every week.

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Joel and his team have done multiple projects for us. Their professionalism and attention to detail are second to none. We have worked with several tech companies in the recent past and DX Web is by far the most able and caring company we've dealt with. If you're looking for a company with highly technical expertise combined with people who genuinely care about your business, do yourself a favor and talk to DX Web.
Steve Wichtowski - President - www.heavydutystore.com

Mobile Responsive Design

Searching and ordering from any smart phone is easy for Heavy Duty Store's customers,

ERP Integration:

We built a complete and automated integration into their ERP system, synching products, stock, pricing, orders, and customers.  The initial order integration alone saved approximately 20 man hours of data entry every single week.

Rules-based automatic marketing promotions:

Spring-boarding off of the automatic pricing and cost information sent up from the ERP, the website automatically estimates shipping costs of products to calculate what marketing promotions a product can profitably qualify for.  The system flags products for discounted shipping options which are marketed across the website, increasing conversions and sales.

Amazon Integration:

Heavydutystore.com uses our complete amazon integration.  This allows the system to automatically fetch orders from amazon and pass them off to the ERP.  In addition stock information is automatically passed on to amazon, immediately turning off products when they become out-of-stock.  This prevents amazon orders from being ordered when on backorder, which would otherwise negatively impact the amazon seller rating and decrease sales over time.

Automatic Pricing:

The system constantly fetches prices for all products on amazon, and uses this information to update the heavydutystore price on amazon.  This automatically raises and lowers the price to keep up with competitors, increasing conversions.  We designed some easily-configurable rules to make sure all products always stay profitable.  Finally, the system applies that same automated pricing information on amazon to set the price on the website itself, minimizing the number of sales that are lost to potentially lower prices on amazon.