When we built our CMS platform, AltiSuite, we built it around SEO best practices to help our clients rank better. As search engines have changed, we have too. We stay on top of current technologies and apply them as search engines change their algorithms. 

Many companies still use outdated SEO techniques that ignore Google My Business, Google Reviews, and even image optimization. 

Or worst of all, some web design agencies ignore SEO when building your website, then you watch as your rankings plummet. (Along with traffic and sales.) 

Don't worry, we can help, whether you need a SEO rescue or a boost. 

Our SEO Process & Philosophy

We focus on creating readable content that's useful to humans and stands out for the other search results. (After all, your customers are human, right?) 

But we don't ignore the technical side of SEO. We also make sure that your page is properly formatted and has the information that the search engine needs to decide your page deserves to be in the top three. 

We look at your website's semantic core (or develop one for you). We prioritize keywords and develop a long and short term SEO strategy. 

SEO is not just the words on the page anymore. "Off-page" factors  reviews, social media, backlinks, and other trust signals have a huge impact on how your page ranks. We identify how to improve these factors and enjoy the added benefits they bring. 

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