Alachua Habitat for Humanity didn't just want a new website—they wanted a better way to engage with their audience. We worked closely with their staff to understand both their current needs and their future goals. Together, we overhauled the site organization—creating conversion funnels for donors, volunteers, and program applicants.

Our Roles


Web Design

Focusing on Alachua Habitat for Humanity's mission, we created a streamlined website that highlights their accomplishments and empowers users. By streamlining and consolidating information, we made it easier for users to donate, volunteer, and apply for Alachua Habitat for Humanity's programming. We incorporated Habitat for Humanity International's branding guidelines, but added Florida flair. 

Content Management

When Alachua Habitat for Humanity came to us they were frustrated with their WordPress site. It was a mess of plug-ins and widgets that made it hard for their staff to do basic things. We created a custom content management system on AltiSuite that allowed them to manage 100% of their content.

To increase corporate sponsorship, we created an easy to update and maintain landing page for each of their Sponsored Builds. Each Sponsored Build page includes photos of the build, the homeowners, updates, and information about its sponsors. Volunteers can easily add photos from their phones. Their corporate sponsors love receiving real time updates and Sponsored Builds have increased over the past 2 years.

ReStore Online

The ReStore is a resale shop benefiting Habitat for Humanity. They often receive high ticket items like appliances, furniture, and collectables, and they wanted to move this inventory faster by selling it online. We created an easy process for ReStore staff to list items online in just 4-steps. Once the item is submitted, it's automatically posted to the online store. When an item sells online, the staff receives an alert to take the item off the shelves. Likewise, when an item is purchased in-store, it is taken off the website. Customers love being able to buy items online and the ReStore staff love that their big-ticket items are selling faster. 

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