When a beloved local pet store came to DX WEB looking for a fresh site design, we were excited to take on the project. We designed a new website that communicates their unique in-store experience and their wide product selection.   

Earth Pets wanted to separate themselves from the local competition, to highlight their connection and commitment to the Gainesville community and its animals.

Our Roles



Web Design

We drew inspiration for their website from their colorful, pun-filled storefront. Earth Pets is home to Gainesville's only Kitten Room—a nursery where they foster kittens until they can be adopted. Locals love to come to play and cuddle with the kittens. We added more information about the Kitten Room, adoption, and created a way for people to donate online.

Digital Advertising

To increase foot traffic to their store, we created local brand awareness campaigns for Earth Pets. Our campaign highlighted their unique in-store experience like the kitten room and their staff's knowledge of pet food and health.

Ecommerce Consulting

When we first began our relationship with Earth Pets, they wanted to sell their full catalog online. However, as we worked with them, we saw how much they love to talk to their customers and throw in-store events. It was clear to us that their brick-and-mortar store was their passion. We helped them narrow down their online offerings to a small selection of specialty pet products. By limiting the selection of products, they are still able to sell online, but devote more time on their store. The new site is focused on bringing customers to their store and showcasing what makes Earth Pets Gainesville's Favorite Pet Store. 

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