When Steve Gnas came to us for this startup, he didn't have a name yet. He saw an opportunity selling industrial refrigeration parts online. He knew he would potentially have over 30k products to sell, so he wanted a B2B ecommerce that is easy to find parts. The site needed to handle the complexity of industrial refrigeration parts without sacrificing the user experience. For the brand, Gnas wanted a simple, memorable name. We got to work learning about the industry, brainstorming names, and creating user journeys for the site. 

Our Roles




Advanced Product Import Management

Managing data for thousands of complex products from multiple sources can bog down staff with data entry. AltiSuite's advanced Import Manager streamlined this process for FrostPoint. Using AltiSuite, they can consolidate product information into multiple, uniquely formatted spreadsheets. Once in AltiSuite, each spreadsheet is individually mapped to the website’s structured data, so that the products will appear uniform once on the website.


"Frost Point" is the temperature where moisture in the air condenses into ice. We liked that it was an established term and brought to mind the refrigeration industry. The word "point" implied forward thinking—pointing the way—and brought to mind the peak of a mountain. Throughout their brand, we repeat angular shapes and mountain imagery to reinforce the "point". 

User Experience

Industrial refrigeration systems require multiple motors, pumps, and purgers (not to mention all the fittings that connect the system). We created a content strategy for FrostPoint’s 40,000+ products based around a chart view with faceted search. This view allows users to customize the specifications for their product so that it will work with their refrigeration system. Within the chart view, users can filter by multiple features such as valve type, inlet/outlet connection, and many more. When we created this system, we also created a content strategy  keep product information organized as their inventory grows. FrostPoint's staff can add and manage both the products and the filters. 

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