We began working with Wysiwash in 2012, and for the past 3 years DX WEB has provided ongoing digital marketing for them. With this redesign, our challenge was to improve and refine an established brand. 

Wysiwash wanted a fresh branding and a streamlined ecommerce site that highlighted their newly introduced product lines. The redesign was spurred on by Wysiwash's expanding product lines, and the desire to highlight their products with eye-catching landing pages.

Our Roles





  • 25% Increase in Web sales
  • 35.2% Increase in Traffic 
  • 8.75X ROI on Ad Spend

Wysiwash's metrics show the success of their rebrand and redesign. With well-defined brand messages, engaging content (including an interactive quiz), and a smooth shopping experience, the new site wowed Wysiwash customers and distributors.

How We Did It


Wysiwash's main demographic is animal care professionals—an industry made up of passionate, mission-driven individuals—and they wanted their website and new branding to convey that same energy. After identifying their key messages, we developed a brand strategy and website that conveys professionalism, optimism, and above all cleanliness. 

Digital Marketing

After an extensive content audit, we created a long term SEO and content plan for Wysiwash. From this plan, we created a blog posts, infographics, quizzes, and landing pages to engage potential customers. To drive traffic, we used a mixture of organic search, social media, and Google Ads. This integrated digital marketing strategy allowed Wysiwash to maintain a high conversion rate, even as its web traffic increased. 

User Experience

From our user research, we identified ways to streamline the onsite conversion funnel. We created information rich landing pages for products.  After observing that the testimonials page played a role in a significant number of conversions, we added testimonials on key pages and updated Wysiwash's review system.

"From the very first meeting, DX WEB has helped us automate many of our processes. The ROI on that alone has been worth it, but they have gone beyond that and have helped us increase our online presence and establish our brand." 

Ken Hungerford, Co-Owner of Wysiwash

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