Digital marketing strategies should always produce measurable results. Our strategy drives qualified traffic which increases leads and conversions. The results of a successful digital marketing strategy will be noticeable on your bottom line.

In the past decade, internet technologies have become part of popular culture. Consumers are now more aware of the latest tools and have new expectations for businesses to keep up with changing technology. We get this, and have systems in place to iterate new ideas and meet with consumers' expectations. Our team does thorough market research and competitive research to give our clients the advantage. We prepare detailed plans of user flows and focus on key ingredients to drive qualified traffic to our clients' websites, which efficiently drives consumers to designated conversion points.

But we don't stop there. After we launch a website, we have real-time tracking tools built in so we can identify points that hinder usability, and hinder the sales conversion process.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Market Research

Developing an online presence should always begin with an understanding of who you want to connect with. Identifying your target market, then researching it is the first step in a successful website development project. 

From there, our team works to understand your target market's expectations and what drives your customers' buying decisions. This allows you to develop informed strategies for pricing, distribution, advertising and product development. 

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Competitive Analysis

Analyze your competition to learn from their triumphs and their mistakes

Let's face it. There is always going to be someone else out there doing what you do. By researching and analyzing them, we discover ways in which you are different and focus on the value you bring that they don't.

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Tracking & Data Analytics

Knowledge is power. Our team can identify key performance indicators and establish which metrics can be leveraged for increased performance.

Knowing how people find your website, what they look for while on it, how long they stay, and ultimately whether or not they convert into a sale are all important for a successful online initiative. We have developed a very integrated tracking system into our AltiSuite platform that allows you to see a real time view into key metrics of your website, allowing you to quickly make actionable changes to maintain good conversion.

Content Strategy

Attention spans are very short.

A good content strategy is a balance of eye-catching visuals and clear, concise communication. We believe that it is important to know as much as possible about a subject before trying to explain it. One of our core philosophies at DX Web comes from Albert Einstein, "If you can't explain it simply, then you don't understand it well enough."